Core Values


It's really important to us that we are creating a business that does a great job for its customers and is a great place to work.


We have created our 'Core Values' which are the things which we consider to be most important. These apply to every aspect of our business from recruitment to delivering a project.



We promise to:


  1. To deliver high quality work every time
  2. Provide great communication
  3. Have a solutions orientated approach
  4. Be reliable
  5. Be easy to work with



We look for employees to:


  1. Have a problem solving attitude
  2. Be team players
  3. Respect each other
  4. Always endeavour to go above and beyond
  5. Have great attention to detail
  6. Be eager to learn and develop



We endeavour to:


  1. Create a pleasant working environment
  2. Develop a team culture
  3. Support learning and develop
  4. Work with customers and employees to continually improve

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Address: Cobourg House, Mayflower Street, Plymouth, PL1 1QX


Phone: 01752 414007

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